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Men Classic Sheepskin Slipper with EVA sole

Men Classic Sheepskin Slipper with EVA sole

The classic Men Sheepskin Slipper is made by 100% genuine Australian Sheepskin & soft light EVA sole.
Warm with Light together.

  • Vamp: Cow Suede
  • Lining: Sheepskin
  • Insole: Sheepskin
  • Outsole: EVA
  • Size Range: #7-13 for UK size / #41-46 for Euro Size / #8-14 for USA size Color:Any color can be made
  • Color: Any color can be made
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    The lining & insole is made by A Level Australian Sheepskin.


    The sheepskin material is meet REACH(Europe Standard) & United States California 65 standard(American Standard).

    Applicable scene:For Indoor

    Nowadays, more and more fashionable people like to wear a pair of sheepskin slippers at home. With the arrival of winter, people’s home life and office time is more and more long, so should have a pair of comfortable and warm sheepskin slippers.


    The top sheepskin made from Australia not only gives the foot complete relaxation, but also provides a dry and comfortable in-shoe environment. Natural sheepskin has the characteristics of health care and air permeability, can make the feet completely relax, is absolutely a quality of life enjoyment. The thin, high quality sheepskin tightly wraps the feet and relaxes the toes in a way that no other chemical fiber material has. Warmth retention property and sheepskin is known to all, let your feet in cold winter is warm, and sheepskin has good air permeability, won’t even wear long, so don’t think this kind of sheepskin slippers can only wear in the winter, in the hot summer wear they don’t feel the temperature is too high, so it is also the choice of summer air conditioning room slippers. Natural materials are also excellent at inhibiting the growth of bacteria and can bring healthier care to families.


    The suede upper is stylish and beautiful, waterproof, anti-wrinkle and extremely wearable. The most important thing is that it is versatile. Many celebrities have been photographed wearing sheepskin slippers, which proves that sheepskin slippers are very fashionable.


    The sole made of EVA material makes them very light to wear. More importantly, it is anti-skid, wearable and environmentally friendly, so it is very safe.


    For the coming holiday season, a pair of sheepskin slippers will also be a perfect gift to send a warm love to friends and relatives.

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