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About Us

Our story

Yirui United's history and expertise is told in every stitch of every shoe we"ve ever made.
Since 1998, the company has designed, manufactured, and distributed a wide variety of SHEEPSKIN SHOES, everything from BOOTS to SLIPPERS to MOCCASINS to FOOTWEAR. Indeed, Yirui United boasts over 21 years of superior craftsmanship, mastering every step of the shoemaking art.
Across cultural shifts and changes in fashion, each generation has explored new materials and manufacturing techniques to design beautiful footwear that is attuned to the times and customer needs.


Quality guarantee

Our production was inspected by lots of world famous company. Such as SGS;TUV.etc.  
All of my material have passed REACH Testing  
My factory have got BSCI factory inspecting certification since 2013
We guarantee we will compensate all of loss if our production can't be meet requirement of order.

Left house is warehous and right house is workshop
Outside of  workshop
Sample room-1
Outsole Assembly Line
Sewing workshop-2
Sewing workshop-3

Adopt the international cutting-edge management model to design a distinctive Internet image for the majority of footwear brands and enterprises, and promote their rapid, healthy and sustainable development! The company establishes the "quality first" idea, insists on relying on quality to build the brand, and guides the market with the brand. In accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standard, the company has established strict standards from product development and design, raw and auxiliary materials supply, production inspection to after-sales service. An orderly quality assurance system. Reliable quality and excellent after-sales service have effectively improved the popularity of the Yiruihe brand and the satisfaction of consumers. The two generations of Yiruihe adhere to the corporate philosophy of "founder, kindness, fairness, and integrity", tirelessly and perseveringly to promote the entire credit management of the company, adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, and strive to create a development space for employees to display their talents And a fair and loose playing field. It plays an important role in striving for a civilized unit, advancing the construction of corporate culture, enhancing the cohesion and creativity of employees, and ensuring the sustainable and healthy development of the company.