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Lady Classic Wool Moccasins

Lady Classic Wool Moccasins

Classic is never out of trend. This style can match clothing easy, and can walk on the outside or stay at home. Many different colors can be selected.

  • Upper: Cow Suede
  • Cuff: Wool
  • Lining: Wool
  • Insole: Wool
  • Outsole: thin TPR
  • Size Range: #3-9 for UK size / #36-41 for Euro Size / #5-10for USA size
  • Color: Any color can be made.
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    The cuff & lining & insole is made by wool.

    Applicable scene:For Indoor & Outdoor

    If you want a warm pair of wool ladies without looking too heavy, this lady’s classic wool soft soles is the perfect choice!

    The lower top is easy to wear, and the suede upper looks soft and delicate with a bright color. It feels delicate, resilient and full of elasticity. This material is also wrinkle resistant and breathable without covering your feet.

    A contracted bowknot is decorated, outstanding female soft beautiful chic temperament. the hem is all hand sewn to make each pair of shoes look unique. The overall appearance is elegant and light, the design is very fashionable.

    The shoes are made of Australian wool and fur in one piece, and can be worn for long periods of time without losing their shape. the wool in the shoes is rich, can effectively keep warm temperature, while the pores of natural wool can also discharge moisture, effectively improve the wearing environment in the shoes.

    The sole is made of thin TPR material. this material has good resilience and wear resistance, as well as skid resistance and shock absorption. the most important thing is that TPR materials, as environmental friendly soft rubber, are mainly hazardous substances such as the plasticizer Phthalate, nonylphenol NP, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon family PAHs testing. TPR materials fully meet the environmental protection testing standards of ROHS, REACH, EN71-3, ASTMF963.No harm to human health, very suitable for the elderly and pregnant women.

    This wool soft shoe has a wide range of collocation space. Wearing it, you can not only go shopping leisurely, but also be a driver’s shoe in the car. It can also be used as a drag at home without dragging.

    A good pair of shoes is not only about visual enjoyment, but also safety and comfort, and this durable pair of wool-soled shoes is the perfect choice for you!

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