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Lady Cuff Indoor Sheepskin Slipper

Lady Cuff Indoor Sheepskin Slipper

A pair sheepskin slipper with soft cow suede sole; it is the best choice to wear at home in the Winter. Warm & Cozy,Big Sheepskin Cuff will make wearer warmer.

  • Upper: Sheepskin
  • Lining: Sheepskin
  • Cuff: Sheepskin
  • Insole: Sheepskin
  • Outsole: Cow Suede
  • Size Range: #3-8 for UK size / #36-41 for Euro Size / #5-10 for USA size
  • Color: Any color can be made
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    The cuff & lining & insole is made by A Level Australian Sheepskin.

    The sheepskin material is meet REACH(Europe Standard) & United States California 65 standard(American Standard).

    Applicable scene:For Indoor

    With more and more people working from home, what can you do to stay indoors on a cold winter’s day and still work leisurely and carefree? A pair of ladies’ sleeve indoor sheepskin slippers will solve this problem for you.

    The whole shoe is made of Australian top quality sheepskin, which is known for its warmth, especially Australian sheepskin, which keeps your feet warm in the cold winter. Besides, sheepskin has good air permeability, which will not make you feel stuffy even if you wear it for a long time. 

    Many people get cold feet in the winter, so a pair of dry, warm sheepskin slippers will help to protect the feet and allow blood to circulate better in the body. The fine, high-quality Australian sheepskin wraps tightly around the feet and relaxes the toes in a way that no other chemical fiber material has.

    Most importantly, the molecular structure of Australian sheepskin draws water vapor into the porous structure, expelling moisture from the shoe, maintaining the temperature inside the shoe, keeping your feet dry and reducing odors, not only keeping your feet comfortable, but also reducing the risk of fungal infections in your feet and protecting your family.

    The upper of the shoe is made of natural suede, which is matched with the unique design of sheepskin cuff. Even if you are having a party with your friends at home, you can also match it, because it doesn’t pick clothes and is very versatile. Many fashionable personage will wear sheepskin slippers, which is also a kind of fashion taste.

    The most important thing is that you deserve the best, a pair of sheepskin slippers that will give you a luxurious life experience.

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