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Lady Knitting Wool Slipper

Lady Knitting Wool Slipper

Using Knitting Wool to produce indoor slipper, soft wool will make foot feel soft & warm. And the knitting process will make slipper light & breathing.

  • Upper: Knitting Wool
  • Lining: Knitting Wool
  • Insole: Knitting Wool
  • Outsole: TPR(rubber sole)
  • Size Range: #3-9 for UK size / #36-41 for Euro Size / #5-14 for USA size
  • Color: Any color can be made.
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    The upper & lining & insole is made by knitting wool.

    Applicable scene:For Indoor

    This has been a very special year. Winter has come and people are spending more and more time at home and at work, whether because of the changing weather or the outbreak. for those who want to work from home seriously, cold feet at work can lead to reduced productivity, so a pair of warm slippers is needed at home.

    This lady’s knitted woolen slipper is mainly made of crochet wool, which is made by hand. hand-woven slippers have the characteristics of leisure appearance, comfortable and practical, soft and breathable.

    The soles of the slippers are made of wear-resistant rubber soles, which are durable, waterproof, non-slip, warm and comfortable. this material is not only flexible and not easy to break, but also TPR, as a kind of environmental protection material, has no harm to human body and is very safe.

    The upper is made of high quality crochet and hand-knitted, which is not only delicate and practical, but also has neat concave and convex insole, which has the function of health care and promoting blood circulation.

    Wool slippers are easy to clean. Washing in a washing machine is not recommended. normal washing method can be used. It is suggested that hand washing can better protect the shape of slippers and prolong their service life. Dry them in the sun or in the shade after washing.

    Hand-crocheted woolen slippers are a kind of inheritance. Although the production process is relatively complicated, each pair is made through a very meticulous process and finally presented in front of you perfect. as the technology and styles mature, people are becoming more and more interested in the most simple way to make shoes. While shopping for yourself, don’t forget to bring a pair for your mom or friends.

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