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Lady Cuff Wool Moccasins

Lady Cuff Wool Moccasins

This style is both like Moccasins & Slippers. Both casual & convenient. The design of cuff will make foot warmer, and TPR sole can be slip resistance.

  • Upper: Cow Suede
  • Cuff: Wool
  • Lining: Wool
  • Insole: Wool
  • Outsole: thin TPR
  • Size Range: #3-9 for UK size / #36-41 for Euro Size / #5-10for USA size
  • Color: Any color can be made.
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    The cuff & lining & insole is made by Wool.

    Applicable scene:For Indoor & Outdoor

    Many people always pay more attention to clothes and neglect shoes, but a good pair of shoes can bring you not only a visual enjoyment, but also the complete relaxation of the whole body.

    Home is a place away from the outside world, a place where you can rest and relax. at home, the soft touch and cushioning of the lady wool moccasins allows your feet to reach a level of complete rest and relaxation. the insides and soles of the shoes are made of genuine Australian wool. the sheepskin treatment allows the shoes to be more flexible, breathable and healthy. Sheep fur is soft and comfortable, with strong moisture absorption. The moisture formed by foot sweating can be discharged quickly through the pores of sheep fur, effectively inhibiting the breeding of bacteria and caring for your and your family’s health. and it keeps the shoe warm so that the inside of the shoe stays dry and constant.

    A pair of breathable fleece shoes is also a good choice in the summer in an air-conditioned room.

    The TPR sole has excellent resilience and wear resistance, as well as excellent skid resistance and shock absorption. Moreover, TPR is a very environmentally friendly material, which is also safe for pregnant women to wear.

    This pair of luxurious and comfortable shoes with soft woollen soles is also a good choice as a gift for family or friends. It not only represents a kind of fashion taste, but also contains more warmth and intimacy.

    If you like comfortable, high quality fabrics and style, you will love our wool moccasins with lady cuffs.

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