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Sheepskin boots as can be understood from the name are the boots that are made up skin obtained from sheep. These boots are actually unisex style boots that are made up of twin faced sheepskin with fleece on the inner side and a tanned outer surface along with a synthetic sole. The sheepskin boots originated in the nation of Australia which were initially used as a utilitarian footwear worn for protecting oneself from the cold temperature. The sheepskin boots were worn by the surfers in the 1960s. In the 1970s, these boots came into the surf culture of the US and UK. Later in the 1990s, the sheepskin boots became a major trend in fashion and gained a worldwide popularity in the mid-2000s.


Many of us know the style statement so offered by the warm sheepskin boots along with the supreme level of comfort. This is possible due to the great insulating properties so offered by sheepskin. Now, the question that arises in this regard is the process of manufacturing the sheepskin boots. So, let us learn about the process of manufacturing the sheepskin boots in details.

  • The traditional sheepskin boots are made up of sheepskins with fleece attached. Here the fleece is appropriately tanned into the leather. Then the boot is properly assembled with the fleece on the inner side of the boot.
  • The next part is the sole of the sheepskin boot. These boots usually have a synthetic sole that is very commonly made up of ethylene vinyl acetate or ECA. The stitching of the sole is usually prominent on the outer side of the boot.

Sheep skin has natural isolation properties and, in turn, sheepskin boots have isothermal properties.Thick fibers inside the boots help keep the feet at body temperature by drawing moisture away and allowing air to circulate.In this way, the boots will keep the feet warm and cool during the winter.Our factory provides genuine sheepskin boots, available in black, blue, fuchsia, pink, maroon and other colors for users to choose according to their preferences.

These sheepskin boots are available in lashed and wearable varieties, and the height of these boots usually ranges from above the ankle to above the toe of the wearer.We are a reliable, reputable and reliable manufacturer if you need to purchase.We provide 100% genuine sheepskin boots.

Post time: Mar-16-2021