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Baby Cuff Indoor Slipper

Baby Cuff Indoor Slipper

Warm care, healthy growth of good partners.

  • Upper: Cow Suede
  • Lining: Double face sheepskin
  • Insole: Double face sheepskin
  • Outsole: Cow Suede
  • Size Range: For baby
  • Color: Any color can be made.
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    The vamp & lining & insole is made by A Level Australian Double face sheepskin.

    The sheepskin material is meet REACH(Europe Standard) & United States California 65 standard(American Standard).

    Applicable scene:For Indoor

    Baby’s feet are the most soft and delicate, so when choosing shoes must be very considerate! a suitable pair of baby shoelaces is not only for comfort, but more importantly for the healthy development of a baby’s feet!

    Babies’ feet are about 70 percent cartilage and support is different from that of adults. when standing, the shape of the soles of the feet often distorts due to the pressure of the weight. So we took great care in choosing materials.

    Our baby sleeve indoor slippers are all selected from Australian A class double-faced sheepskin. sheepskin is a unique natural material with a special quality that man – made fibers cannot match. sheepskin is breathable and moisture resistant. The fiber layer under the sheepskin allows air to circulate and keeps the feet dry. Sheepskin can adjust the temperature naturally, so that the warmth of bare feet is close to the natural body temperature no matter what the external temperature is. and it can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, healthy care of the baby’s feet.

    The uppers and soles are made of natural suede, which is soft, elastic and resistant to wrinkles and wear. Babies like to run around the house and are easily knocked down by bumps, so having a pair of sheepskin slippers like this can avoid children’s worry about being knocked down. and don’t worry about making a loud noise, thinking it’s very soft.

    The vamp fasteners are designed to make them easy to slip on and off, and easy to follow. the shoe canister can be lifted or rolled down according to the outfit worn by the baby, so it is also suitable for taking the baby out.

    Choose a suitable shoes for the growth and development of infants is of great significance, our sheepskin baby shoes absolutely meet your requirements!

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